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Health At Every Size

At Anxiety Experts, we work to recognize and address systemic and internalized weight stigmas through implementing inclusive treatment for all patients, regardless of size.

The Stigma

The systemic stigma surrounding weight propagates negative attitudes toward people in larger bodies and can result in discriminatory treatment towards such individuals.  The effects of this stigma can manifest physically and psychologically, ranging from issues like poor metabolic health to eating disorders.  Unfortunately, this stigma is not absent from healthcare, as many patients in larger bodies report experiencing weight stigma directly from physicians, dietitians, and mental health providers. 

Myths about Larger Bodies

"If a person is overweight,they cannot be malnourished."

Malnourishment is possible for a person of any size.

"The road to health for people in larger bodies consists of restriction and dieting."

Restriction and dieting have been shown to increase one's set point weight over time.

"Most people in larger bodies engage in binge eating."

Only 20-40% of people who are overweight engage in binge eating.

"If you want to prevent or treat eating disorders, you must make it safe to be fat."
- Deb Burgard, Ph.D., FAED

Health At Every Size (HAES) Principles

At Anxiety Experts, we have crafted our approach to be part of the solution by shifting the stigma paradigm.

Weight Inclusivity

Life-Enhancing Movement

Health Enhancement

Eating for Well-Being

Respectful Care

In keeping with these principles, we strive to focus our treatment and care on health restoration rather than on weight loss. We do this through:

  • Normalizing the sleep/wake cycle

  •  Affirming mindfulness/spiritual pursuits

  • Eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day to interrupt the restrict/binge cycle

  • Encouraging joyful movement

  • Investing in friendships & other social supports

  • Eating a variety of all foods in moderation

  • Practicing body neutrality

Are you interested in learning more? We would love to speak with you.

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