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About Anxiety Experts

When you feel trapped by anxiety, depression or an eating disorder, you find yourself avoiding the outside world and having difficulty with basic tasks. You may doubt that you will ever regain your confidence and self-worth; we can help you find your way out of fear and hopelessness. We treat these issues with a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) called Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP). Research has proven exposure therapy to be the most effective treatment for anxiety. Our clients learn how their struggles to lower anxiety actually cause it to grow. ERP methods help them master anxiety by eliminating the avoidance behaviors or compulsions that prolong their condition.


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Everything you need to know about Anxiety Experts

  • Does Anxiety Experts prescribe medication for patients in our VIOP?
    Although we are strictly involved in performing psychotherapy and medical nutrition services (virtual dietitian visits), we are happy to collaborate with physicians who may prescribe psychotropic medication for our clients or as needed to facilitate health restoration among our clients with disordered eating.
  • How will I pay for Anxiety Experts' VIOP?
    Although we are only in-network with Kaiser for VIOP, Anxiety Experts is able to acquire Single Case agreements with most insurance companies for our specialized services, minus any required deductible.
  • How can I share a complaint or concern with Anxiety Experts?
    If the concern is regarding a non-billing issue, contact your primary therapist. If the concern is regarding a billing issue, contact the Billing Manager directly: If a concern or complaint is about Anxiety Experts' general practices, contact the Clinical Director: or contact the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation at or fax to: JCAHO Office of Quality Monitoring (630) 792-5636
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