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Subtypes of OCD & Other Anxiety Based Disorders

At Anxiety Experts, we want to meet you where you're at as your virtual therapist. Our online articles are a good place to start.

Harm OCD

  • Aggressive Obsessions Causing Harm on Purpose

  • Demystifying the Types of Harm OCD and Common

  • Experiencing Violent Thoughts

  • Harm Obsessions & Violent Obsessions

  • Harm OCD: Part One

  • Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge

  • Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD

  • Harm OCD 4: Harm in Space

  • Harm OCD Compulsions

  • Harm OCD: Symptoms and Treatment

  • Harm OCD Treatment: Mindfulness Based CBT

  • Harm OCD Treatment with ERP

  • Harm OCD Treatment: Cognitive Restructuring

  • Harm OCD: A subtype of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Harm OCD: For Limited Release

  • How Exposure Therapy helped me Hack my OCD Brain and
    Eliminate my Greatest Fear

  • How I Treat OCD Killer Thoughts: Treating

  • Violent Obsessions

  • I'm Obsessively Afraid That I Might Kill My Parents

    A Teen With Morbid Obsessions


  • “No one has what I have, so it must be me…”

  • When I Realized 'Harm OCD' Had Been Tricking Me All Along

  • The Atlantic Obsessive
    Thoughts: A Darker Side of OCD

  • Responsibility (Harm to Self or Others)

  • Existential OCD
  • Pedophile OCD
  • Mental Health Anxiety aka "Am I going Crazy?"

Moral Religious Scrupulosity OCD

  • Scrupulosity: Blackmailed by OCD in the Name of God

  • "Let He Who Is Without Sin" -OCD and Religion-

  • Religious OCD: 'I'm going to hell'

  • OCD, Guilt, and Religion

  • What is Scrupulosity/Religious Obsessions?

  • Scrupulosity: Where OCD Meets Religion, Faith, and Belief

  • La Vista Church of Christ: Questions on Scrupulosity

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Part 1​

Moral Scrupulosity OCD: Part One

Homosexual/Sexual Orientation OCD (HOCD)

Health Anxiety/Hypochondria OCD articles

  • Hypochondria / Health Anxiety - Symptoms and Treatment

  • Fear of being ill (Hypochondriasis)

  • Health Anxiety and Hurtling into the Future

  • Hypochondriasis: Fear of Illness

  • Hypochondriasis: What is it and How do you treat it?

  • What is Health Anxiety/Hypochondriasis?

  • OCD and Health Anxiety

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